The current administration has continued the mass planting of pernambuco seedlings begun by the founder Horst John, who had planted 60,000 pernambuco seedlings before his death in 1997.

Another 60,000 seedlings since taking over the company and will plant another 25,000 seedlings by the end of 2003. Eighty percent of these new seedlings are pernambuco trees, and the other twenty percent is also native to the Atlantic Forest, including Ipe, Ironwood and Rosewood, the latter also on the endangered list. The company will continue to plant seedlings at the rate of 25,000 per year.

The End User Contributes to Reforesting:
Horst John sets apart 10% of the sale price of each bow to the reforesting project. Professional musicians and students alike thus participate in the replanting of the precious wood.